Computer -Guided Implant Surgery in Sierra Vista AZ

Computer guided implant surgery allows dentists to create and place dental implants more accurately, efficiently, and precisely. Using a 3D surgical guide, a dentist can plan where to place the dental implant, and the computer will guide the dentist to the precise location. The 3D surgical guide provides the dentist with the exact placement and angle necessary for the dental implant.

Computer guided implant surgery allows your dentist to place your implant with unprecedented precision. Using sophisticated imaging equipment, the computer allows your dentist to virtually plan every step of your implant surgery and guides the surgical drill precisely where it needs to be placed. This ensures that your implant is placed exactly where it needs to be and that your jawbone heals properly.

What are the benefits of computer guided implant surgery?

Computer guided implant surgery allows dentists to follow digital x-rays and CT scans and plan out dental implant surgery on the computer. With digital imaging and advanced planning software, dentists can plan the exact angle of the implant, how much bone needs to be removed, and what to expect during the surgery.


At our dental practice, we prefer using computer guided implant surgery. This procedure is more precise and helps the oral surgeon achieve the ideal placement of the implant. A CT scan is used to create a 3D model of the patient’s jaw. The oral surgeon can use this model to virtually place the dental implant in the desired location.

Once the implant has been virtually placed, the oral surgeon uses that information to prep the patient’s jaw for surgery. During surgery, the oral surgeon can precisely place the implant in the appropriate position.

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