Dental Bridges in Sierra Vista AZ

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that is designed to “bridge” the gap between two teeth. This is most commonly done when the two teeth are adjacent to each other, but the gap was created by a missing tooth. Aside from restoring your smile’s appearance and function, dental bridges also protect your teeth from shifting and bone loss.

How long does a dental bridge last?

Dental bridges are permanent restorations that can last for decades with proper care. By maintaining good oral hygiene, patients can avoid decay and gum disease. By visiting the dentist at least twice a year for checkups, patients can limit the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

What is a traditional dental bridge?

There are multiple types of dental bridges that your dentist may recommend depending on the state of your mouth. However, a traditional dental bridge is the most common one as it is perfect for replacing one or two missing teeth.

A traditional bridge requires two healthy teeth in order to hold the bridge in place. Traditional bridges are very durable and can last a long time. Since they are made from dental-grade ceramic, they can be customized to mimic the appearance of the natural teeth perfectly in terms of color, texture, and size.

What should I expect when I get a dental bridge?

Getting a dental bridge may be done in more than one visit. Your dentist may first need to prepare the adjacent teeth for the bridge. These teeth will be filed down, and your dentist may recommend a dental crown for this tooth. The bridge will be fabricated by a dental lab, and your dentist will secure the bridge to the adjacent teeth.

Will a dental bridge be covered by my insurance?

A dental bridge is considered a cosmetic procedure, so dental insurance companies will likely not cover it. Since dental bridges are not medically necessary, insurance companies will not pay to repair or replace them. However, if you experience tooth loss due to an accident, your dental insurance plan may cover the cost of replacing the bridge. Speak to your insurance provider for more information.

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