Digital X-Rays in Sierra Vista AZ

Digital X-rays are more advanced than dental X-rays. Instead of using film to take the mold of your teeth, digital X-rays use an electronic sensor. The sensor is placed in your mouth and exposed to X-ray radiation. The radiation goes through your teeth and gums and is translated into an image that can be viewed on a screen.

Digital X-rays are one of the most advanced dental technologies available. They provide a comprehensive view of the teeth and surrounding structures, allowing for more thorough diagnosis and treatment planning. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays emit less radiation and allow for a quicker, more comfortable experience.

Digital X-rays and radiation

Dental x-rays use minimal radiation, so they’re perfectly safe.
Radiation exposure from dental x-rays is relatively low. One dental x-ray exposes you to the same amount of radiation you get from spending 28 hours in the sun. Modern dental x-ray machines emit radiation at incredibly low levels, so there’s no need to worry about harmful effects.

Digital X-rays are an important diagnostic tool, but they’re also very safe. In fact, digital X-rays actually expose patients to less radiation than regular X-rays. Since digital X-rays don’t use film, they can capture an image very quickly, as opposed to traditional X-rays, which take much longer.

Advantages of digital X-rays

Digital X-rays offer a number of advantages compared to traditional film X-rays. Digital X-rays provide a clearer and more detailed image that can be viewed almost immediately on a chairside monitor in the treatment room. This allows your dentist to more easily diagnose any problems and plan your treatment.

Digital X-rays use an electronic sensor to capture and store X-ray images. Compared to traditional X-rays that use film, digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by as much as 90 percent. In addition, they cut down on the amount of time patients spend in the dentist’s chair.

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