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Each tooth is covered with enamel, a protective layer that helps protect the inner structures of the tooth from developing cavities. However, enamel can become damaged over time. Even otherwise, healthy teeth can fall victim to decay. If bacteria can’t penetrate the enamel to cause decay, they will begin to attack the dentin, which is just below the enamel. As a result, the dentin will be more vulnerable to decay. Once the decay reaches the dentin, it becomes much easier for the bacteria to infect the nerves inside the tooth. This can lead to severe pain and will require the need for root canal therapy.

Fortunately, a dental filling can be used to restore the tooth and prevent further damage. The filling will fill up the space left by the decay. This will help protect the tooth from future damage.

Dental filling procedure

A filling is a dental procedure that involves removing decay and restoring the tooth using dental filling material. The dentist will use a local anesthetic to ensure the patient feels no pain throughout the procedure. We will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the affected area, and apply the filling material. The material will harden, and then we will shape it to ensure it fits well with the rest of the tooth.

Once the filling is in place, a patient can return to normal activity. Fillings are one of the most common procedures in dentistry because they can help a patient avoid tooth loss. The dentist can remove the decay and restore the tooth, so it continues to function as normal. Dental fillings can last for many years if a patient maintains good oral hygiene.

Tooth filling options

While there are many different types of fillings available, most patients are better off choosing tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings closely match the natural color of the teeth, which makes them much less noticeable. They can also be used to repair small cracks and chips in the teeth.

Silver/Amalgam fillings

Silver fillings, or amalgam fillings, are metal fillings made of a combination of metals, including silver, tin, copper, and other trace metals. These fillings contain mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal.
There are many problems with silver fillings. First, mercury is a toxic substance. It is not safe to have in your mouth. Second, these fillings can crack and break over time, which exposes the tooth to bacteria. Third, the amalgam fillings are unsightly – they stand out in a person’s smile.

Porcelain fillings

A porcelain filling material can restore a tooth after decay. It can be made to match your natural tooth color, so it blends in with your smile. Porcelain fillings are highly preferred as they closely resemble the tooth enamel in color, texture, and overall appearance and offer excellent durability.

Composite fillings

The only type of filling that a dentist can do in one visit is one type of resin composite filling. A dentist needs to use a dental drill or scaler to remove the decay from the tooth and then place the filling. A resin composite filling can be bonded to the tooth, which makes it extra strong, and the dentist can finish the filling process in only one visit.

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