Flouride Treatment in Sierra Vista AZ

A fluoride treatment is a treatment used to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in water, soil, and foods. It plays an important role in maintaining strong teeth and preventing tooth decay. There are different ways for people to receive fluoride treatments. Some dental offices apply fluoride varnish, while others recommend fluoride supplements, mouth rinses, or gels.

Benefits of fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments are one of the most common in-office procedures that dentists perform. While there are several benefits of fluoride treatments, one benefit is that they can help prevent cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water and soil. It can also be found in certain foods, such as fish and eggs.

When fluoride is present in the mouth, it strengthens tooth enamel and helps to prevent decay. It naturally remineralizes tooth enamel, which improves the strength of teeth overall. Fluoride treatments can also help to prevent cavities in baby teeth, which is especially important because baby teeth hold the spacing for adult teeth.

Fluoride is also added to many toothpastes, mouthwashes, and dental treatments. Fluoride helps make your tooth enamel more resistant to acid. Acidic foods and drinks (such as soda, wine, and orange juice), as well as acid reflux, can dissolve minerals from your tooth enamel, leading to dental issues.

How do fluoride treatments work?

Fluoride is a mineral that can help prevent dental decay. When fluoride is applied to the teeth, it penetrates the outer enamel layer and enters the underlying grooves. Once there, it combines with the enamel and begins to strengthen it. Fluoride treatments are beneficial because they can be applied without drilling or removing tooth structures.

Types of fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments are available in two forms: topical and systemic. Topical fluoride can be applied directly to teeth. Systemic fluoride is ingested and enters the bloodstream. After systemic fluoride is ingested, it travels through the body and enters the bloodstream. Once systemic fluoride is absorbed by the teeth, it remineralizes the tooth enamel.

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