Professional Teeth Cleanings in Sierra Vista AZ

A dental cleaning is a procedure done to remove the plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth over time. Normally, your dentist will clean your teeth for you during your regular dental visits. However, you can also have a cleaning done as a standalone procedure.

During a professional cleaning, your dentist will use a small metal tool to scrape away the tartar and plaque from your teeth. This is similar to what you would do during your own at-home teeth cleanings, but your dentist will use professional-grade instruments. Thanks to the advancements in dentistry in recent years, ultrasonic scaling has made it easier to perform cleanings and more convenient.

What are the benefits of professional teeth cleanings?

Here are a few of the many reasons why seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings is very important:

  • Cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Chances of developing cavities are reduced significantly.
  • Dental cleanings lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • 2 cleanings a year lower the risk of gum disease, pneumonia, and Alzheimer’s.

Are teeth cleanings painful?

Many patients feel nervous about getting their teeth cleaned. This feeling often stems from an experience they had long ago or from hearing stories about painful cleanings. The reality is that teeth cleanings no longer hurt. In fact, most patients only feel mild pressure during the procedure. Modern technology and techniques make cleanings more comfortable and effective. Also, the chair time involved is minimal.

How often should teeth cleanings be performed?

In general, patients should visit a dentist for a cleaning every four to six months or up to twice a year. However, certain factors may require patients to be seen more often. For example, patients with gum disease may need to be seen every three months. Patients with a history of active decay may need to come in every six months.

What should I expect during a cleaning?

During a cleaning, your dental hygienist will use specialized dental tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. We will also polish your teeth, removing stains and brightening your smile. At the end of the appointment, your hygienist will perform a dental exam to look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. Based on the results of your exam, your hygienist can create a plan of action to treat any issues.

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