Cosmetic dentistry in Sierra Vista AZ

Cosmetic dentistry is designed to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, or bite. Your dentist may recommend cosmetic dental treatments to fix imperfections such as chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, or discoloration. These treatments may also improve a smile’s appearance after tooth loss.

Cosmetic dentistry and self-esteem

Research shows that those with white and perfectly aligned teeth are more likely to have a healthy body image. Those with white teeth are more likely to smile more in social situations, which can boost self-esteem. Those with discolored and crooked teeth may feel more self-conscious and can feel less confident in social settings.

Treatment options for cosmetic dental problems

There are different treatments available for cosmetic dental problems. Your dentist can recommend the best treatment for your particular problem. For example, for enamel erosion, your dentist may recommend applying a bonding material. For gum recession, your dentist may recommend a gingival graft or laser gum therapy. In the case of discolored teeth, we will help whiten them with teeth whitening options. We use dental crowns, onlays, or composite bonding to treat teeth that are damaged.

Advantages of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures are designed to improve the appearance of teeth. They range from simple procedures like teeth whitening and dental bonding to more intensive procedures like dental crowns and dental bridges. The procedures are designed to enhance the appearance, but they can also improve the function of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer many benefits to patients. They can restore the look of teeth that have experienced trauma like chips, cracks, or other damage. At the same, procedures like dental crowns and bridges can help improve the bite and function of teeth.

Is cosmetic dentistry safe?

The veneers, fillings, and bridges that we create for our patients are completely metal-free and mercury-free. The composite material that we use to create your restorations is biocompatible and BPA-free, so there are no toxins to worry about. We take great care to make certain that your new smile is perfectly safe. Also, for certain invasive procedures that may cause minor pain or discomfort, we will suggest administering local sedatives to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

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